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What are the characteristics of the coil vacuum concentrator?

Structure and features: This equipment is a three-dimensional sealing device with a thermal insulation jacket and a cylindrical shape. It is vacuumed with a simple and efficient hydraulic ejector.

The equipment is divided into three parts: evaporation chamber, regenerator disc and separator. The liquid is sucked into the chamber from the upper part of the evaporation chamber. The heating coil is composed of three to five rows of flat round stainless steel tubes. The steam is heated in the space of the coil. A new set of small coils is added to the lower head of the new concentrator, and the liquid can evaporate below 30 kg.

The three equipments are not easy to run, easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, and the outer layer of the insulation layer is ground with stainless steel sheet, which meets the requirements of the medical and food hygiene law and meets the GMP standard.

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