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Sales Consultant Sales Manager Sales Specialist Salesperson



1. Responsible for regional equipment sales and technology promotion in Guangdong Province, signing and executing sales contracts, and completing sales targets;

2, find target customers, develop, build, maintain end customer resources, and form a solid customer resource network;

3. Strengthen communication with customers through frequent visits, telephone calls, etc., understand customer seeking, cooperate with customer selection and technical consultation;

4. Collect key customer information in the jurisdiction and include new market and customer resources;

5, complete projects independently, good negotiation skills



1, technical secondary school or above in chemical machinery, pressure vessel and other related majors are preferred; language expression, communication ability, and affinity;

2, more than two years of factory, school, laboratory sales experience; age between 28-40 years old; healthy, able to work hard, have "will do" and teamwork Spirit;

3. Work attitude is proactive, certification is practical, hard work and hard work. Strong oral and written communication skills, good at communicating with customers and knowing how to develop business.

Company benefits: full reimbursement of travel expenses, holidays, competitive salary: basic salary + commission, probation period is 3 months, those with excellent ability can turn positive in advance.




Recruitment Sales Director



More than 3 years working experience, male 35-45 years old, college or above, understand chemical machinery and equipment priority, salary, negotiable.



Technician (Mechanical)


Main job:

Responsible for assisting the competent designer to complete the technical documentation and drawing design work, record all the working elements in time, and assist the competent designer to prepare complete product technical documents;

Assist the production department to complete the trial production of the product and handle the design problems during the trial production process; 

Responsible for assisting the designer to continually improve product performance and design modification and improvement based on design changes by users or other departments of the company to complete product sizing; 

Responsible for assisting the designer in the maintenance of existing product designs, as well as the design of customized extensions 


Job requirements:

Mechanical related majors, full-time undergraduate degree or above has more than 3 years experience in CNC machine tool design and development, and have a deep understanding of CNC machine tool product structure, functional components and mechanical properties. AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS and other design software


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